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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  January 30, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> police are searching for a suspect who shot a teenager. in local business it's in spotlight as president obama brings his message to baltimore. and making divorce more affordable. >> we are live at a park where thousands are about to break bitter cold temperatures for a cause that warms the heart. 11 news saturday morning starts right m. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome to 11 news saturday morning. >> we begin with an alert. we could see some snow. let's check in with john
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collins. >> it is going to be called. >> we had the big snow already. this storm will be to the south of baltimore. those driving down toward richmond will be affected. if you are driving north into pennsylvania, you probably will not get anything. the snow is not going to be an issue much here. it is called this morning. temperatures down in the upper teens and low 20's right now. in a bit of a breeze along the bay. the storm is coming in. that does take a look at our hd doppler radar right now. we are seeing a lot of snow. it is not snowing out side right now. the radar is showing stuff in the clouds over us. the air is really dry. south of annapolis, some of flurries.
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the storm reaches into central more carolina. in southern north carolina -- south carolina, and ice storm right now. this is a major storm. there will be major snows in the mid atlantic region. does not as far north as baltimore. i will give you details on that coming soon. >> you can follow the forecast 24 hours a day on our web site with the interactive radar. go to >> police are investigating a shooting in rosedale. our reporter has that story. >> approximately 4:45 p.m., we received a call for a subject shot in the back. >> the investigation continued
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after nightfall. many were behind the alley of this road in was still. police say three teenagers were walking together up the alley when the shooter came upon them. >> >> they were walking in the alley when they were approached by an african-american male around 20 or 30 years of age. they exchanged words. the suspect pulled a gun and fired several shots. one struck one of the juvenile victims in the back. >> witnesses on the scene say the victim was able to get up after the shooting. >> he managed to get back to his house where he called 911. >> the search continues for this dangerous man on the run. >> wbal tv 11 news. >> a guilty plea this morning from one of two men charged with
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a car crash that killed eight people. in february 2008, this man plowed into a group of street racing fans. their raising each other in prince george's county. he made his plea yesterday in the circuit court. prosecutors say he faces up to 80 years in prison. the other trial is set to begin monday. we are learning about an airplane because of a passenger on board. the continental flight left is today afternoon but was diverted to jacksonville, fla. the passenger has the same name as someone on the terror watchlist. it was a case of mistaken identity. new video has surfaced of osama bin laden.
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the mansion the tape blames the u.s. and other countries for climate change in global warming. it calls for a boycott of u.s. goods. it appears that osama bin laden endorses the attempt to blow up an airliner over detroit this past christmas. obama was talking about his economic message and incentives of creating jobs. a business was the backdrop. >> when the president needed a small business to talk about helping small businesses, the white house called the chesapeake machine company. that was this past tuesday. >> take a look at the place. we have never had a president here. >> it is nice to see a functioning, well-oiled machine. that is a nice change of pace of
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what we see sometimes in washington. >> the owner gave the president a tour of the company that employs 39 people. this person met the president face to face. >> just for them to cullis out of nowhere -- it blew us away. >> the company has pared well during the recession with contracts locked in. they like the incentives the president announced such as tax breaks for new hires. within half an hour of the visits, a dozen people called looking for work. >> i think the president went to this company because it was manufacturing. when you make something, we will make america great again. >> the company executives are not sure what this was the moment. it was shared by a mayor in waiting.
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>> maybe the president is making amends to baltimore for things he may have wanted to do at an earlier time. >> thanks for all of the great work you do. thanks for hosting me. i am sure you had to get ready for us. from my perspective, it was a great visit. >> the people here say they have never been politically connected before. after a high-profile visit like this one, they may be now. the president hopes his trip to baltimore will help unite the political divide. he mentioned how they are closing in on taxes, health care, and the economic stimulus. it is time for both parties to find common ground. >> i do not think they want more gridlock and bipartisan -- and partisanship. we do not want to fight each
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other in some sort of a political cage match to see who comes out alive. that is not what they want. we want to work together to get things done. >> he is open to reviewing the report republicans handed to him entitled bettered solutions. we have more coverage on our web site of the president's visit. you will find his job creation plan. you can take place in our online conversation. congressman elijah cummings will be our guest tomorrow on our news pro gram. if you have a question, e-mail it to us.
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>> and that the economy is behind a unique idea on getting a divorce -- a divorce less financially painful. couples can file for a divorce live together that to not the sexual relations with each other. >> s hollywood illustrated, some married companies -- couples cannot live together even if they try to live separate lives under the same roof. >> when i look at you, i want to smash your face in. >> married couples who want a divorce cannot afford it. maryland's law requires a one- year separation. >> the idea that we require people to -- almost as a punishment, you have to move out and have separate household. why?
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>> this delicate ones divorcing couples to live in the same place as long as they are not having sex which is part of the maryland statute. >> it is a small change in the law but brings with it cell -- a huge economic relief in the current economy but for people in any economy. >> i think it is a bad idea. >> this council says couples who file for divorce need a cooling- off time. >> it affects how they feel about the family structure changing. >> some say living together could be dangerous especially if one spouse moves on with their lives and the other cannot handle it. >> usually they feel nothing for
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each other. in difference is the word. >> life is difficult enough without having these artificial obstacles imposed on people who if they come to a mutual understanding should be permitted to make their own decisions. >> wbal tv 11 news. >> still ahead, health officials are warning about another swine flu threat. they're helping more get vaccinated. >> it is a cause that warms the heart. we are talking about the polar bear plunge. we are going to take you live to the park to sum it up. >> you are looking at a live picture outside. how cold is it? we have the f
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>> it is storm is coming. we are going to be on the north french of this storm in the baltimore, metropolitan area. some may catch more snow with this than others.
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there may be some minor accumulations. here is the storm right now. the radar is picking up some echoes overhead. some snow flakes around richmond. it is reaching north carolina. in georgia and parts of south carolina, it becomes all rain. the snow reaches back into kentucky right now. it will be a long day for those south of baltimore. let us take a look at the current situation. it is cloudy at the airport. humidity is down. the air is really try. we are usually 90% humidity this
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time of morning. that is not the case. a high reading of the barometer. the wind coming across the bay has been a problem for the plunders that sandy point. they will feels the wind when they get out of the water. temperatures will be in this neighborhood today. they are not changing that much. for some of you there will be significant snow to the south of us. cambridge 25. oakland is 7 degrees trenell. here is the satellite image of
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the storm. there is a lot of snow and rain depending on how far north or south you are on the eastern seaboard. a lot of moisture coming up. we are on the cold side this time. here is what the map will look like this evening. in baltimore, we are on the north edge of where the snow is going to fall. one-3 inches in the metro area is the snow forecast for today. you a bit the seven or 10 inches of snow as you get to richmond. snow totals, here you go. see the gradation.
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1 foot to 18 inches will fall near the richmond in virginia area. advisories are out as far north of baltimore city, cecil county, and to the west. below annapolis, washington, southern maryland, you are in a winter storm warning. seven-day forecast. 23 degrees is the high. tomorrow near 30. 37 on monday. a few snow showers on tuesday. there may be a wintry mixe next week. >> the swine flu threat is far from over according to health officials. >> where you can get vaccinated. >> the as banning cell phones and decrease the number of accidents? >> howard county may be getting a makeover. a makeover. i
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>> in may surprise you to know that nearly 10% of expected mothers in the u.s. use herbal supplements. a recent study found herbal supplement use was highest during the first trimester, a critical time where the fetus organs are developing. ginger based products are used most often which should help morning sickness without side effects to an unborn baby. camomile tea was also a common substance used. many health officials are worried that more people are not getting the vaccination against the swine flu. we have more from barry simms.
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>> the mascot near this carries a message. the swine flu shot is fast, free, and for everyone. the county health the permit is worried that the concern has waned. they warn people not to be complacent. >> people die from the swine flu. people die from it. >> this strain of flu is serious and unpredictable. something this person learned after members of her family got sick one by one. the symptoms included a cough, chills, and fever. most of the family recovered. her son went to the hospital but kept getting worse. >> he was put on a ventilator. i was shocked. what in the world is going on here? >> the day after her son died,
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test results showed he had the virus. she believes everyone should do what they can to guard against it. >> we are here today to remind everyone that the threat h1n1 is far from over. we want to encourage everyone to protect themselves against this virus. >> the county will open 16 clinics to give flu shots. when community targeted is the african-american community. many are not getting the shots possibly because of government or hospital mistrust or concerns about possible side effects. >> there are so many myths that it is confusing to pin point in particular reason why. our goal is to try to keep telling people it is ok. the vaccine is safe. >> a wbal tv 11 news. >> no cell phones behind the wheel, but doesn't really reduce the number of crashes? we will have the answer to that.
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>> a new study finds that banning texting on driving does
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not reduce crashes. it was looking out in places such as california, new york, and washington, d.c. >> the switch is on to keep people away from their hand-held devices while driving. in new steady has puzzling results. it found laws banning their use behind the wheel has got lead to fewer crashes. >> loss will not have an impact. there is no magic bullet. >> close to 20 states have passed laws putting restrictions on cell phone use while driving. big federal funds and any driver of a large truck or bus sending or reading text messages behind the wheel. >> we do not expect you to share the roads and responsibly with other travelers, which will require you to do so. >> they looked at research of insurance claims in different jurisdictions before and after the bans were enacted.
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>> the laws are working to reduce the number of people who are talking on their phones. we do not see a comfortable reduction in crashes. >> it is a traffic safety issue that experts say must be addressed. a work in progress to keep the road safer. the bb 8 l tv. -- wbal-tv. >> the polar bear plunge begins. >> i am reporting live where we have completed 20 plunges as super plundergers. we will keep you updated. >> the latest when 11 news saturday morning continues.
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>> welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. >> thanks for joining us. the cold temperatures will be here throughout the weekend. i cannot believe those polar bear plundgers.
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>> they have all day today. and there may be some snow in the mix. and there will be a bit of a breeze today. it will be warmer in the water than outside. they will have to be careful out there and be aware of how cold it is getting. take a look at the general situation on hd doppler radar. this is a big chunk of the storm. the radar shows the snow up in the clouds. it is very dry in the air. the snow is not making it to the ground. once you get in washington, there is light snow. it is reaching back into
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kentucky. details on how it will be paid for us is coming up in a minute. >> it is cold outside. it is not stopping many from braving the chilly waters of the chesapeake bay plunging every hour to help the special olympics as you can see. our education reporter joined more than 1000 young people. look at him. he took the plunge yesterday. >> he is really smart. what he did to divert the attention from himself, he was all over those kids yesterday. >> good job. >> they are still at it. the super plunderplungers are ta
5:33 am
dip every hour. 20 times. >> yes. tim tooten has adorable legs. >> yes. >> there are about 1000 kids that were here yesterday from 20 different schools, public, private. the wonderful thing is that each one of them will never look at someone different from them and not thinking about jumping in the water for them. they will always keep that in mind in have that special connection. i am standing with a special olympic athlete for a long -- whom i have known for a long time. he does the grocery work at the grocery store. tell us why you are plunging. >> it is a great experience.
5:34 am
i am getting ready for the next one. >> you are doing a wonderful job. you are an amazing special olympic athlete. talk about some of the sports you participate in. >> skiing, swimming, you name it. these kids look up to me now. it is a wonderful experience. >> what does being able to do that mean to you? >> some kids have problems. i am trying to look into their eyes and help them. >> that is wonderful. please go inside and get warm. the super plunge is going to wrap up today at 10.
5:35 am
we have gone once an hour for 24 hours in the cold waters of the bay. this year has been particularly brutal. we usually call it the dark side of the month between two and 5:00 in the morning. usually we are up, dancing, talking and having a great time. it has been so-called set we have been lying down. it is taking the reserve out of our bodies. for everyone coming down here later today, you are going to have so much fun. there is a plunge at one in three. a lot of good people are down here making sure that your client is going to be spectacular. it is all for a wonderful cause, md. special olympics. wbal-tv. >> i do not know how you do it, but you are amazing. >> i am not amazing. everybody here is one of fall
5:36 am
and that -- and fantastic. >> if you like to sponsor the polar bear plunge, log onto our website. you'll find a link to all of our plunges. you can send words of encouragement by texting it to this number 88509. we are running those messages at the bottom of the screen all morning long. >> taking a look at some of our top stories -- crews are working to repair a water main break that i happen when crews workedn the area. some people were without water last night. the problem should not take long to fix. >> it was running downhill and icing up quickly. traffic should still avoid a
5:37 am
four block radius. >> crews are trying to figure out what started a fire. they were able to bring the blaze under control but not before one person was rushed to shock trauma. no word on their condition. >> 50 minutes late, firefighters answered a call in fullerton. it was at an apartment building there. about 25 people were displaced. no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. >> stay with us. there is much more news of the head. >> it may be a little easier to travel on this route in howard county. county. i have details
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swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. ♪ >> this is a closer view of our hd doppler radar shows a lot of snow on the radar. some of this is not hitting the ground because of the dry air. north of this is probably not snowing. south of the line, there is active snow. the air is dry. the snow is trying to fall. down toward richmond, that is
5:41 am
where most of the snow is. 20 at the airport. 21 at the inner harbor. at this hour, it is usually up 80 or 90%. north wins, 7 miles per hour. and north east brees is coming across the bay. that may be a problem for the plungers. 23 in annapolis. satellite pictures showed the storm is progressing with a lot of moisture coming up from the south. low pressure center will be migrating towards here then out
5:42 am
over the ocean. it is heading straight out. it is passing close enough to s, south of us, that there will be slow in the baltimore area. one-3 inches in the metro area today. how much snow? a light band around baltimore. annapolis and washington will get more 3-6 inches. over 12 down toward richmond. there are advisories out for snow potential. you get a winter storm warning south of maryland. today is a snow day. the further north you go, in
5:43 am
pennsylvania, nothing. plenty of sunshine monday. maybe some snow flurries on tuesday. a wintry mix by the end of the week. >> the windy city is turning snow into world-class art at the annual snow they in chicago. it occurred yesterday in grant park. a professional artist was carving his snow artwork. the festival runs through sunday. >> when it is that cold, you have to do something. >> i went to school in the city. it is freezing. >> a busy section in howard county could be even more
5:44 am
cramped. coming up construction plans to widen the road and the impact it can have on traffic. >> here is a look at the winning lottery numbers from last night.
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>> repeater from drivers should have special license plates according to one person. he says the plates will let drivers know who they are on the roads with. he once the legislation passed. the efforts have failed before.
5:47 am
>> the state highway administration is picking up a project that it dropped when the economy tanks. our reporter says it should ease traffic congestion. >> people who live in colombia now, traveling on route 29 north in the evening can be rough. >> there is a lot of traffic. it takes a long time to get where you need to go especially during rush hour. >> it gets backed up. >> a project was started to fix that in 2005. and the economy to a downturn, they had to abandon it. they are picking it back up again. they are widening the road to three lanes. >> it will help out. it will create more space. that is always good. >> the project will include improvements here on river's edge road.
5:48 am
it will add noise barriers where they are needed. >> they are in the design phase which is expected to take a few years. >> we take community consideration into the design. we want to be considerate of those that live in the area. there are in our mental areas we need to look at. >> the next step is a public meeting to get feedback before moving forward. wbal-tv. >> a recall for popular brand of children's story. it is raising concerns. >> one of the great quarterbacks of our era is done playing football. one of the most controversial golfers says he is done as well. details are next. >> another look at the cold forecast. stay with us. discover friskies indoor wet cat food.
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>> good morning. i am steve davis. over the last 15 years, it is hard to imagine a more rags to riches story as curt warner's. -- kurt warner's. his story is a classic. he went from college to stocking shelves in a grocery store. then he played an arena football. then he went to nfl europe before he made the nfl. two in the peace, three super bowls -- two mvp's , three super bowls. now he is retiring. >> i was playing at a high- level these past few years as i did when i first started the lead. that is something i am proud of as i leave the game. i had the opportunity to play at that level and be in the super bowl last year.
5:53 am
to be in the playoffs this year and compete at the highest level. >> the ravens are hoping that read will not take a play out of the warner playbook. he was a scratch yesterday. he has been hampered by injuries. he missed games down the stretch. this is not a big surprise that he will not play in the pro bowl. john daly says he is done competing as a professional golfer. he is tired of embarrassing himself. they should force him to retire after wearing those pants. he played in san diego where he missed the cut after shooting 79-71. he has won a couple of majors. he has not been competitive in years. we will see if he is speaking
5:54 am
out of frustration or if he really is retiring. i am steve davis. have a great day. >> here is a look ahead to our next hour of 11 news today. >> president obama pays a visit to obama. his push to help small businesses hire new employees. >> there is snow shoveling up on the radar. the forecast for a storm coming our way is coming back next in a few minutes.
5:55 am
>> the number one item on the agenda of the 2010 general assembly is bouncing the budget. the projected $2 billion shortfall between revenues and expenditures makes it clear that lawmakers have tough decisions that must be made this year. ideas for budget cuts are emerging. the spending plan avoids deep cuts to some services. public health advocates are rallying for an increase in the alcohol tax. consumers would have to pay more for drinks. if passed, it will be the first increase since 1955 on liquor. some legislators say the issue is already suffering.
5:56 am
furloughs for state employees, reduction in local aid -- the decisions are complicated by the impact the proposed taxes have on voter support. conscious decisions based on what is best for the state must outweigh politics. our leaders cannot delay making the toughest decisions until after the election cycle. if they choose to do so, there may be tough decisions in novem.
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>> welcome to 11 news saturday morning. >> it is that time of year when
5:59 am
rational people jump into ice cold water all for a great cause. it is the polar bear plunge. we will take you live to check in with our correspondent there in a few minutes. >> it is bitter cold outside. >> i do not think they are worried about the snow. you can have snow 20 degrees for 36. they will get the 20. and there is a breeze out there. the water will feel warmer than the air. the water temperatures will be 10 degrees warmer than the air temperatures. the water


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